måndag 26 oktober 2015

Creepy ....

Här kommer ett passande inlägg så här i Halloween-tider!

En elev skickade den här till mig - som han skrivit själv! Jag är djupt impad! Fortsätter han skriva så här så skulle jag inte bli ett dugg förvånad om jag sitter och köper in hans böcker i framtiden! TACK för att jag fick läsa och TACK för att jag får lägga upp den här!
 Keep up! :-)

Ever since she was born , my now 6 year-old daughter has always loved drawing pictures, especially ones with her family in. On a cold winter morning, she came to me with a picture she had drawn.
"What do you have there Emily?" I asked.
"Look mommy! I drew a picture of our family!" I look at the picture and smile.
She draws really well for a 6 year-old.
Everyone in our family is in it. My daughter, Emily, me and my husband, Mike. She even draws details like bookshelves, lamps and couches.
Emily's always happy, that's probably what I love most about her. She's always smiling and laughing.

The day after she showed me another picture. As usual I looked at it and smiled. "You're getting better everyday sweety!"
Then I noticed something unusual. In the top right corner there was a figure that looked a lot like a grey boy. I didn't really think about, she probably just tried to erase a mistake she had made. I had a weird feeling, but I ignored it.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I 'm very sensitive when it comes to sound , so I wake up easily. Usually I instantly know what made the sound and go back to sleep. I looked over at my left to see my husband sleeping. But he wasn't there.
He probably works early again. I went back to sleep thinking over what a great husband he was.

I woke up in the morning and started to make coffee. "Mommy look!" Emily comes running down the stairs like she always does. She was holding another picture.
"What did you draw this time?" I asked curious even though I already knew what she had drawn. "Our family!" She says happily and shows me. I immediately freeze. In her pictures I'm always standing to Emilys' right, while Mike is standing to her left. To Emilys' left, instead of Mike, there was standing a disfigured grey boy.
"E-Emily, who is that?" I asked stuttering.
"Who is who?" Emily asked confused. "Who i-is that grey boy?" I asked again, feeling as cold as ice.
"Ahh, that's The Taking boy." She says calmly. "He's the one who takes people away."

Before I could say anything else, Emily ran back to her room. I stood frozen and didn't move until I heard a quiet thump.
Looking down I saw a piece of paper. Picking it up seemed like an eternity.
Turning it around felt even longer. Seeing the picture made my guts twist. Before I knew it I was screaming. It was the picture  from yesterday. Red crosses drawn over Mikes' face...

I fell to my knees, feeling empty and horrified. Somehow I knew he was gone forever. Tears started running down my cheeks.

From Emilys' room I heard her talking to someone. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. When I came to her door I tore it open. In the corner of my eye I saw something grey fade away. Emily looked annoyed back at me. "Mom, you scared him away!" "Who did you talk too?" I asked trembling. "The Taking boy."
"Emily, don't lie to me." I said coldly.
"I'm not lying mom. I talked to him about dad."

I froze. "What did he say about dad?"
"He said he took dad to a better place." Emily said sobbing. She had never been accused of lying before. "He said he would take me there too." Immediately upon hearing those words I ran down the stairs to my bedroom, grabbed the phone and called the cops. After I hung up on the phone I heard Emily talking too someone again. I darted to the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife we had. Running up the stairs I heard a quiet, eerie whisper. It sounded like a boy. This only made me run faster. I burst into the room and saw Emily with her back against me, a grey figure standing behind her. I screamed and cut down at the figure with all my force. The moment the knife touched his skin, he faded away with a giggle. The knife thrust into Emilys' back, piercing her heart. Blood splashed on the floor and Emily didn't make a sound.
"Emily...No! Emily! Emily!!" I screamed.
She was dead... I killed her... I...

The cops showed up 5 minutes later. They found me sitting in Emilys' room with a bloody knife. I was arrested.
Diagnosed with insanity and paranoia they sent me to an asylum, where I was going to spend the rest of my life. 12 days later, in the shelter of dark, I slit my wrist with a shard. Quickly I started feeling dizzy. As I watched the blood pour out of my veins I heard a giggle. I looked up too see a figure looking a lot like a boy. Then all went dark...

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